66Lottery Winstreak Bonus

Welcome 66Lottery enthusiasts! Are you ready to amplify your winnings? At 66Lottery, we offer more than just a thrilling gaming experience. With our Winstreak Bonus, you can earn additional rewards based on your betting streaks. Understanding how to maximize this bonus can significantly enhance your earnings.

66Lottery Winstreak Bonus

Understanding the Winstreak Bonus

The Winstreak Bonus is divided into two types, depending on your single betting amount. Whether you prefer to place higher bets or smaller ones, there’s a bonus structure designed to reward your winning streaks.

Bonus Structure for Bets of RS 100 & Above

If your single bets are RS 100 or above, you can earn the following bonuses based on your winning streaks:

Winning StreakMinimum Bet (RS)Bonus (RS)
3 Periods100 & Above25
5 Periods100 & Above100
8 Periods100 & Above600
10 Periods100 & Above3,000
15 Periods100 & Above5,000

Bonus Structure for Bets of RS 10 – RS 99

For those placing smaller bets between RS 10 and RS 99, the following bonuses apply:

Winning StreakMinimum Bet (RS)Bonus (RS)
5 Periods10 – 9920
8 Periods10 – 9980
10 Periods10 – 99300
15 Periods10 – 99800

How to Claim Your Winstreak Bonus

  1. Submit Your Winning Period: Claim your Winstreak Bonus by submitting your winning period details to 66Lottery Customer Service.
  2. Accuracy is Key: Ensure you fill in the first period correctly when submitting your claim.
  3. Same-Day Claims: The Winstreak Bonus can only be claimed on the same day. Claims cannot be applied to the next day as they will expire.
  4. One Claim per Day: You can claim the Winstreak Bonus once a day, with a bonus turnover of x1.

Important Guidelines

  • No Fraudulent Activity: If any fraud is detected in the bonus application, 66Lottery reserves the right to cancel the bonus and freeze the player’s account.

By following these guidelines, you ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience while maximizing your potential earnings with the Winstreak Bonus.


At 66Lottery, we believe in rewarding our dedicated players. The Winstreak Bonus is designed to boost your earnings and add excitement to your gaming journey. Keep track of your winning streaks, place your bets wisely, and claim your bonuses accurately to make the most out of 66Lottery. Ready to win big? Start betting and enjoy the rewards today!

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