Agent Salary

Welcome 66Lottery Lovers! Are you ready to take your gaming experience to the next level? At 66Lottery, not only do you get to explore a wide variety of games like Casino, Lottery, Aviator, Slots, and Cards, but you can also earn significant rewards as an agent. Whether you’re new to 66Lottery or an experienced player, understanding the potential earnings and bonuses can help you make the most out of your gaming and agent activities.

Agent Salary

Agent Salaries and Recharge Bonuses

As an agent, your daily salary is determined by the total recharge amount your team accumulates. To help you understand the earning potential, we have outlined the salary structure and bonus details in the table below. Remember, the key is to ensure your entire team recharges up to level 6 to maximize your rewards.

Total Recharge (RS)Daily Salary (RS)

In addition to the salaries, agents can benefit from recharge bonuses, further boosting their earnings.

Important Guidelines

To ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone, 66Lottery has established some guidelines:

  • No Same IP: Each account must be registered with a unique IP address.
  • No Multiple Accounts: Players are allowed only one account to maintain fair play.

By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to a transparent and trustworthy gaming environment.


Becoming an agent at 66Lottery not only enhances your gaming experience but also offers substantial financial rewards. Keep track of your team’s recharge levels and follow the guidelines to maximize your earnings. Ready to get started? Register today, create your UID, and dive into the exciting world of 66Lottery!

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