New Rewards

New 66 lottery having exciting rewards for the agents. Here you can earn monthly starting from cash reward 5000 rupees to BMW Car. Check below new rewards offered by new 66 Lottery app.

New 66 Lottery App Rewards

Exciting Rewards Await! Become a 66Lottery Agent Today!

Are you ready to unlock amazing rewards and incentives? Join us as a 66Lottery agent and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes based on your performance. Here’s a detailed look at what you can achieve:

Exciting Rewards Await! Become a 66Lottery Agent Today!

Rank 1: 500 Lakh

Deposit Criteria: 6,000 or more
Reward: New BMW 5 Series Car
Equivalent Value (INR): 5.5 Million INR

Rank 2: 400 Lakh

Deposit Criteria: 5,000 or more
Reward: BMW Motorcycle
Equivalent Value (INR): 1.5 Million INR

Rank 3: 300 Lakh

Deposit Criteria: 3,000 or more
Reward: Gold 120g
Equivalent Value (INR): 500,000 INR

Rank 4: 200 Lakh

Deposit Criteria: 2,000 or more
Reward: Gold 60g
Equivalent Value (INR): 250,000 INR

Rank 5: 150 Lakh

Deposit Criteria: 1,500 or more
Reward: iPhone 15 Pro Max
Equivalent Value (INR): 120,000 INR

Rank 7: 50 Lakh

Deposit Criteria: 600 or more
Reward: Luxury Holiday Package
Equivalent Value (INR): 30,000 INR

Rank 8: 25 Lakh

Deposit Criteria: 400 or more
Reward: New Airpods
Equivalent Value (INR): 20,000 INR

Rank 10: 10 Lakh

Deposit Criteria: 200 or more
Reward: 5,000 INR Bonus
Equivalent Value (INR): 5,000 INR

Rank 10: 100 Lakh

Deposit Criteria: 1,000 or more
Reward: 50,000 INR Bonus
Equivalent Value (INR): 50,000 INR

Member Count: 670


  • Winner calculations are based on how many active members each agent can bring during the event period (July 1, 2024 – August 1, 2024).
  • An active member is counted if they recharge 3 times or more, with a total recharge amount of at least 1,000 INR, and the member must have their bank account tied.

Join the 66Lottery agent community today and start your journey towards these incredible rewards! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to win big.

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