New Version of 66-Lottery Online Platform is Set to Launch in July

The popularity and demand of online lottery games are increasing consistently among various lottery players. Considering this, lottery game developers are set to launch a new version of the 66 Lottery website in July 2024. The upgraded version will launch after the shutdown of the previous lottery app of the same name.  

New Version of 66-Lottery Online Platform

Accordingly, the new one will come with many upgraded features and games will go on at a relatively high speed. If you are an online lottery enthusiast, you must dedicate some time to learning the exclusive features of the latest 66 Lottery app.

New Color Prediction Games with New Rewards

Whether it is about lottery variants, casino games, Mini/Aviator games, or anything else, gaming collections are the prime aspects that entice lottery players. The good news here is that the upcoming 66-Lottery app will offer you plenty of exciting color prediction games and lottery games. Furthermore, you will get relatively higher rewards and special offers than previous lottery games. Besides lotteries, the website lets you try your luck in the diverse casino games of your choice to enhance your daily income.   

Massive Income from Bonus Offers

Besides playing lottery and casino games, regular members and agents of a lottery portal look for other ways to make money. Here comes the role of diverse bonus offers available to new agents. Like any other reputed website, the upcoming 66 Lottery Online platform will offer you the following bonuses to boost your bank balance-

Agent Salary

Agents at 66 Lottery will receive their daily salary based on the total amount of recharge accumulated by their team from the lottery game.  

Agent Recharge Bonus/Agent Bonus

The 66 Lottery Platform has its exclusive program of Agent Bonus/Agent Recharge Bonus. The bonus program lets you unlock plenty of lucrative bonuses from each downline who earns their first recharge bonus.  

Recharge Bonus Program for Members

Like the Agent Recharge Bonus program, the 66 Lottery offers exclusive programs related to Member Recharge Bonus. Accordingly, members of the lottery game get a chance to win generous rewards once they complete their first recharge.

Note-In the new 66-Lottery app, agents will receive a recharge bonus only from the first recharge bonus of their downline members.

Invitation Bonus

Even though the new lottery app will waive the second and third recharge bonus rewards for agents, it has included a new quick Invitation Bonus. The special incentive bonus rewards agents whenever they invite new downlines to join the platform. What would be more lucrative than earning bonuses and expanding one’s network simultaneously?


Therefore, the latest 66 Lottery app will provide you with every possible exciting feature to take your entertainment to an improved level. Visit the website, complete your registration, and start making money from lucrative games and bonus offers.

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