Withdraw in 66 Lottery?

66-lottery app or online platform offers a wide variety of lottery, casino, slots, cards, and Mini/Aviator games for online game lovers. In particular, lottery games are the center of attraction for online gamblers. The reason for this is that one can earn a huge amount of money even by dedicating only a few minutes.  

How To Withdraw in 66 Lottery?

Furthermore, a few games, like the WinGo lottery last for only one minute but lets players earn big amounts. However, the concern is how one can withdraw his winning amount to the bank or USDT. For this, you should go through our blog post.  

Steps to Withdraw the Winning Amount in the 66 Lottery

  • To start, you must use your phone number and the password to login to the 66-Lottery platform.
  • Once your player’s account opens, click on Account and then on Withdraw.

Now, you will get two different options to withdraw your winning amount from the 66-Lottery Online.

Money Withdrawal via Your Bank Card

  • If you want to withdraw the winning amount from the online lottery platform via a Bank Card, add your bank account number and the related beneficiary details.
  • Once the beneficiary is approved, you can enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Finally, click Withdraw to complete the process and let the 66-Lottery website transfer the withdrawal amount to your bank account.  
Money Withdrawal via Your Bank Card

Money Withdrawal via USDT

  • Like the case of a bank card, you must add your USDT-related beneficiary account in the respective section.
  • Enter the amount that you want to withdraw from the 66-Lottery Online.
  • Below it, enter your USDT amount.
  • Lastly, click Withdraw and wait for some time to let the website transfer your money to the USDT amount.  
Money Withdrawal via USDT


Overall, withdrawal of earnings from the 66-Lottery is simple and easy. However, the USDT method allows a relatively faster withdrawal than the Bank Card method. Regardless of your method, enter the beneficiary details with care to avoid loss.

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